Honey Bee Dance Ring

Stunning design in 18ct fairtrade gold, set with bespoke-cut honeycomb-shaped hexagonal diamonds; one natural dark honey colour, the other pale fancy yellow.The striking movement of the gold depicts the ‘waggle dance’ used by bees to communicate the position of distant flowers. This ring is handcrafted to order. Please enquire to find out more about prices and lead times.

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18 ct gold


Made to order

Ring size

H, H 1/2, I, I 1/2, J, J 1/2, K, K 1/2, L, L 1/2, M, M 1/2, N, N 1/2, O, O 1/2, P, P 1/2, Q, Q 1/2, R, R 1/2, S, S 1/2, T, T 1/2, U, U 1/2, V, V 1/2, W, W 1/2, X, X 1/2, Y, Y 1/2, Z

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