Bracelets – New from Old

In the realm of custom jewellery, there exists a unique story behind every piece. My latest endeavour delves into the creation of two bespoke bangles, each woven with the threads of cherished memories and meticulously shaped by skilled hands.

The project began with the selection of specific gold pieces, including an uncle’s watch chain and family engagement and wedding rings. The client played a pivotal role in determining which gold would be utilised for each bangle.


The chosen gold underwent a series of steps, including melting into an ingot, shaping into a tapered bar through rolling and hammering, and finally, forming into an open-circle torc shape. White gold was introduced separately, melted, and fashioned into finials, providing a subtle contrast.

One bangle, designed with a seven-diamond arrangement, required an additional layer of meticulous craftsmanship. This process was notably more labor-intensive, involving soldering a white gold panel on top for setting the diamonds.


The final product!