Creating unique jewellery for unique people

When a piece of jewellery has been created especially for you, it has a significance beyond its material value.

I wanted a really special eternity ring to give to my wife on our 10th anniversary, and Erica certainly delivered the goods. I decided against a surprise, as Suzanne has very specific tastes, so we both came along to meet Erica. She was very good at guiding us through various options in terms of style, appearance and price, and came up with a simple but beautiful design which fitted perfectly with the existing engagement and wedding rings, and which Suzanne and I both love!

– Stephen Moss – Naturalist, Author and TV Producer –


Creating bespoke jewellery starts with an initial consultation and a visit to Erica’s gallery to discuss ideas, materials and pricing. Erica listens carefully to her customers to ascertain exactly which designs and materials will make their commission a truly special reflection of their own story.


Following the initial consultation, the design process begins. Erica’s designs are hand-drawn and painted, to scale, rather than computerised.  She also sculpts, paints and draws to capture the essence of her subject, which can often lead to the final piece of jewellery, or become the background, upon which, it is displayed.

Inspired by her customers, the precious metals and gemstones that she works with and often nature and heritage, Erica’s designs combine colour, emotion and personality towards a stylish, elegant, alluring and unique piece of jewellery

Erica produces a series of designs to choose from, and if stones are involved, a selection is sourced to show the customer a range of possibilities.

Only once the design is fully agreed and the commission is confirmed, does she then request a deposit and work begins to develop the piece.


Erica hand-crafts the commission, ensuring that every detail is precisely transferred from design into reality. Each piece has to be hallmarked before any gemstones are set. On its return, it is set and finished. The commission process takes approximately 12 weeks, dependent on the complexity of the design and relevant workloads.


Each commission can be presented together with the unique story of its design and development – The original hand-drawn designs, photographs of the hand-crafting process and bespoke, fitted cases, decorated with the inspiration behind the piece. For this unique and highly collectable, finishing touch, please request a quote.


Erica is always delight to give a ‘health check’ and complimentary clean and polish to any work she has created annually. Often this essential for insurance purposes, but even if it is not a necessity, it is advisable to help counteract any inevitable wear and tear.