Precious Metals: Gold

My connection with raw materials

I have always felt a deep resonance with, and attraction to my raw materials. I work exclusively with precious metals, harnessing their versatility to realise even the most intricate ideas. There is much to understand about these materials before being able to successfully create pieces, and the understanding underpins my practical, experimental and designing work.


Gold has been revered thought history as a symbol of wealth and beauty. in jewellery, gold is used in different qualities or purity’s known as ‘carats’ with 24 carat being pure gold. Pure gold however is not very well suited to mainstream jewellery making as it is too weak and i instead prefer to use 18ct for its high quality and strength.



How can you get different coloured gold?

The colours of gold (White, rose, red and even green) are achieved by the metals that gold is alloyed (mixed) with when its prepared for jewellery making.

Using different colours 

From creative point of view, the variety in gold colours is an absolute delight!


Fairtrade and gold sourcing

I have been registered to use Fairtrade gold since its introduction in 2012. The sourcing of gold and all my raw materials are of huge importance to me and the Fairtrade system coincides with my ethical jewellery trading beliefs.



Gold is easily recycled and I often have people come to me to redesign their old inherited pieces of jewellery that would have otherwise been stored and forgotten in the back of a drawer!