In the Pink…

The practice of painting, drawing and sculpture is intrinsic to my daily life. My jewellery is created from this diverse foundation of instinctive recording and responding. This brings a depth, and narrative to my work which also translates to the commission work that I make in response to others’ stories. As I respond to this method of working, I continue to learn, grow and develop as a painter. I cannot imagine a day without art.

I have been fascinated by the landscape, heritage and wildlife of the South West all my life, having been born and brought up here by parents both steeped in the natural world and environment (one a botanist and one a zoologist). I have lived and worked in Devon and Cornwall and I’m drawn to the wild and dramatic moors and coastlines whenever the opportunity allows.

In my paintings I often explore the sense of a place, the feeling of being – gesture, expanse and movement, the medium of watercolour allows wonderful freedom and dynamism in contrast to the confines of fine technical details needed when creating jewellery. Over the past few years I have been studying seen and unseen dynamic changes in light and movement, in weather patterns, bird flight and natural forces at play.