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Coloured Gemstone Bracelet

9ct white gold with diamond and coloured gemstones.


The brief for this commission was to design and create a bracelet for a 21st birthday gift.
The central princess-cut diamond was a family jewel, removed from a platinum ring. The setting for it was made from another family ring.
After an initial consultation, the recipient decided she would like some colours added alongside the diamond. Erica produced several design illustrations, which included coloured gemstones. The inspiration of the colour range was from a costume jewellery beaded bracelet that was a firm favourite.


Gemstones were sourced and time spent making the right combination and sequence of colours. The gems include tourmalines, garnets, amethyst, topaz, and citrine.

We looked at suitable link shapes, and the long ‘trombone’ links worked, being neat and stylish for everyday wear. They also framed the coloured baguette-cut gemstones well.

At the bench, Erica hand-made ten ‘end-set’ settings in 9ct white gold. She then let each one into the hand-crafted links by cutting slots for them to fit into. Prototype linking helped perfect the measurements needed for the total length of the bracelet and the size needed for the round links that joined everything together.

The platinum setting for the central diamond was cut from a family wedding ring. Once the bracelet was linked together, the stones were set, dropping down into the centre of each link allowed them to be held safely on place by the end claws.
The finished result has become a much-loved piece of unique jewellery that reflects the wearer’s personality and fond memories from loved ones on a special day.

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