12 Jewels of Christmas. 25% Discount on these selected unique jewels until 21st Dec 2019.

Marquise Diamond Ring. This beautiful 0.21ct marquise-cut diamond set in a platinum band makes a classical and sophisticated ring. The smooth collet (or rub-over) setting is practical and easy to wear. Was £1485 now £1110 (free sizing if needed)

Pink Tourmaline and Diamond Ring. A stunning pink tourmaline set with perfectly placed white and pink diamonds sprinkled across a beautifully crafted platinum ring.The mix of diamonds includes very rare natural pink diamonds. This ring is a sparkly statement for all diamond and gem lovers. Was £5380 now £4035 (free sizing if needed)

Ruby Swan Pendant. This pendant is a twist on Erica’s classic swan pendant. A beautiful ruby is embraced within the body of the swan, with a small one at the top. Fairtrade 9ct yellow gold with 2 rubies. Rubies weigh 0.15ct and 0.06ct. A timeless gift for gold lovers. was £1680 now £1260 (not including chain)

Peacock Spirit Ring. This 18ct yellow gold peacock-inspired ring is an eye-catching statement piece. 9 graduated bespoke-cut matching sapphires, 9 graduated diamonds and a central vibrant green tsavorite garnet capture the enigmatic peacock colours. Was £3751 now £2810 (free sizing if needed)

Garnet Swan Ring. 18ct rose gold and rhodonite garnet swan ring. This unusual garnet has a beautiful oval ‘optix’ cut, giving it an eye-catching array of sparkle, whilst its rich red colour glows against the rose gold elegance of the swan. Weight of garnet 1.22ct. Was £1995 now £1495 (free sizing if needed)

Tourmaline Ring. This seashore inspired 18ct yellow fairtrade gold ring is set with 6 cabochon-cut tourmalines in varying shades of blue, turquoise and green. The yellow gold shank flows around the stones, returning to rejoin the double band at the side of the finger. It is a beautifully crafted, distinctive piece which is practical to wear. Was £3990 now £2990 (free sizing if needed)

Blue Topaz Briolette Earrings. These unique 18ct fairtrade white gold drop earrings are set with blue topaz briolettes, held by beautifully hand-engraved bell shaped caps. The leaf design tops have a pierced ear fitting with continental backs. The combined weight of the 2 briolettes is 19.80ct. Was £1800 now £1350

Waterfall Pendant. Palladium and white ‘free-form’ opal pendant set off with a sparkly aquamarine. Palladium is currently the rarest and most valuable of precious metals. This alluring waterfall-inspired pendant is a stunning piece which can be worn time and time again. Opal weighs 1.53ct Was £1950 now £1460 (chain not included)

Blue Topaz Earrings. The 18ct fairtrade white gold drop earrings with vibrant blue topaz oval stones are set with decorated continental clip fittings. This enchanting pair of glittering earrings are a stunning addition to anyone’s jewellery collection. Was £1225 now £915

Twilight Earrings. These exquisite twilight earrings are made of silver and 18ct fairtrade yellow gold. The hand pierced decorative design incorporates a 1.22ct pair of square, rich, purple amethysts set diagonally at the foundation of the leaf design. Gold ear hooks and frame give the two-tone effect that makes the earrings easy to wear in a variety of occasions. Was £1950 now £1460

6. Twilight Pendant. This unique pendant holds a stunning bespoke cut, rich, purple amethyst weighing 8.52ct. The pendant is hand-pierced from ‘argentium’ silver and framed with18ct fairtrade yellow gold. It is sold with a silver cable necklet. Was £2650 now £1985

Twilight Ring. The Twilight ring features a band of hand-pierced leaves edged with 18ct fairtrade gold. The focal point is a captivating oval facetted amethyst. The ring’s vibrant purple colour and two-tone yellow and white band make it a delight to wear as a statement piece, or equally at home as part of a collection. Was £1960 now £1470