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Welcome to ‘A Life in Jewellery’

This exhibition runs from 26th March – 28th April at the Somerset Crafts Centre, Avalon Marshes.

I hope that visitors enjoy exploring my work.

The title of the exhibition has been chosen as it has two meanings from me. Firstly it represents my working life (27 years) of professional jewellery making and designing. Secondly, I strive to encapsulate a ‘life’, story and meaning within every piece of my work – whether it’s part of my collections or one-off commissions.

Somerset Crafts, a group of dedicated professional Somerset artists and craftsmen, have established a close working relationship with Natural England who own the site of their craft centre and gallery at the Avalon Marshes, Shapwick Heath – one of Britain’s most valued nature reserves and a special jewel in Somerset’s crown. Twenty Percent of every sale is given to Natural England to support them in their valuable work in helping maintain the natural environment that is at the core of the artist’s work and inspiration.

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