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The Honey Bee Dance ring was inspired by the curious dance that bees use to communicate. By dancing bees ‘tell’ their hive mates where to find distant flowers with rich new sources of food.

Waggle dance of the honey bee plays in my mind –

Insect intellect tipping and tapping on toes;

Music monumentality swivels the swarm

‘Til the sweet sum of floral fecundity flows.

Dance of the Honey Bee, J Michael Campbell

The two bespoke diamonds provide the honeycomb element of the ring

 The sweeping figure of the yellow gold ring traces the dance made by a bee when it returns to the hive having found distance flowers.

The Honey Bee Dance ring in its hand decorated box.

The finished Honey Bee Dance ring is made in 18ct Fairtrade gold with natural coloured diamonds.


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