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This necklace was a special 50th birthday commission as a surprise from a husband to his wife. The necklace was designed to be a double heart pendant, the hearts were interwoven with one another and the customer had a choice of diamonds that could be set into the hearts.

One choice was to have two small drop diamonds

Another choice was to have one central larger diamond between the two hearts.

Another idea was to have the diamond set in a rub over setting at the top of one the hearts, though this idea was good in theory, in practice the hearts would have been too top heavy and the pendant would be constantly flipping over with the weight of the metal on top. So design number two was chosen and the necklace was made in 18 carat white gold with a round diamond set in the centre.

The birthday girl posted on Erica’s Facebook page saying: “Many thanks for my perfect necklace, I love it and it is exactly what I wanted. Great job by Erica and also my husband who commissioned it!”

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