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Erica Sharpe, winner of the prestigious British Jeweller’s Association 2012 Award, presented the winning piece to the Chairman of the BJA during London Jewellery Week, June 2012. It has been added to their Collection to mark their 125th Anniversary. The design features the BJA’s distinctive unicorn emblem created from the figures 1, 2 and 5.

Erica is one of the UK’s leading jewellery designers and the BJA is proud to have her as a member.

Not only does Erica subscribe to ethical production processes which ensure full traceability in the materials she uses, Erica is one of the few UK jewellers licensed to trade in Fairtrade and Fairmined gold.

Simon Rainer – CEO of the British Jewellers Association

‘I approached the brief for the competition as if I was working for a commission – this is a way of working that I am familiar and comfortable with. I wanted to incorporate the identity of the BJA and the story of the occasion that the piece is celebrating. Looking a the unicorn (the logo for the BJA) as the initial inspiration, once I started sketching, I quickly realised that a stylised version could be made from the numbers 125. I wanted to keep a simplicity and beauty to the design, so made the pen become the number one and I kept the lines very clean.’

The Chief Executive of the British Jeweller’s Association, Simon Rainer, comments ‘Erica’s design is a creative interpretation of the BJA Unicorn logo and was unanimously selected by all who voted. Well done Erica, I know that your designs will continue to enthral and excite your growing customer base.


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