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The Tinner’s Coast – Levant & Kenidjack


Kenidjack Valley

A walk along the coast path towards Botallack (after the gale force winds have dropped). I come across a lizard basking in the sun on a Coast Path sign – I hope no one saw me creeping-up on hands and knees to get this picture – typically I only had a normal lens on my camera.

The Kenidjack valley is sheltered and the contrast between the windswept exposed headlands is very stark. Streams flow and the plants are lush at this time of year. The sounds vary too from the cliffs – bird song fills the air and the sound of the sea diminishes. This was obviously a site of huge tin mining importance – there is evidence of waterways and a restored pool alongside many building ruins.


View through salty window – Levant

The colours of Levant Zawn

Levant winding (whim) beam engine, fly wheel. Watercolour

A second ┬átrip to Levant, as I didn’t have time previously to see all of it. The beam engine, lovingly restored by volunteers, is in full steam and it’s a cosy place to be! The site scrambles over the dramatic cliff face and along the coast – under and overground.

I walk along the tunnel from the dry to the man engine shaft – the red walls are cool and water drips down on the site of one of the worse mine disasters of the area – killing 31 men and boys – still very much alive in local memory over 90 years on.

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