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The Tinner’s Coast – Royal Cornwall Museum and Tin

Royal Cornwall Museum – the coffee’s as good as the native minerals collection!

Royal Cornwall Museum

I head off to Truro to spend some more time in the Royal Cornwall Museum. I revisit the minerals and mining section to look more closely at certain things, and spend time in the art galleries. I am drawn to the Arts and Crafts Newlyn copper work – the Arts and Crafts designs are great examples of that era – and the craftsmanship is superb.
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Tin smelter’s mark – pelican. Watercolour
The collection of tin ingots is fascinating – I love the images used and the increasing complexity of the designs as time wore on – pelican (for sending to non-Christian countries) or lamb and flag. Sketches below.
Bissoe and Trereife smelters marks. Watercolour
Another shape which catches my eye is that of the miners’ oak shovels – many preserved for hundreds of years in bogs. Their simple, weathered shapes have a true beauty to them and a direct connection with the people who sought this metal long ago. I have seen these before, and my first Kerensa Cornish tin and gold pendants in part owe their design to this shape.
Tin – Miracle Theatre and The English Touring Opera
I catch the last performance of Tin at the Hall for Cornwall, Truro. Starring Jenny Agutter and Ben Luxton, it is a melodrama and love story incorporating the true tale of ¬†corruption and fraud within a mine in the St Just area. The programme for the event is produced as a newspaper from the 1800’s – I have used a copy to create my Tinners Coast map. ¬†The depiction of the characters in the play (apparently very true to life) has definitely brought the human aspect of the tin story closer for me

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