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The Tinner’s Coast – Rocks, Mines and Storms

A calm and warm start to the day. I walk to the top of the Cape to watch the seals and continue developing some ideas. I sketch out the rocks surrounding me using a variety of media to try and capture their character.

Priests Cove, ink, conte and chalk.

The more time I spend here the more I can imagine the mine buildings that have long gone. I can start to pick out the footprints of them from the landscape and the scars left by adits and shafts driven in to the rock. The mines here ran out under the sea and it wasn’t unusual for a miner to have to climb down ladders for over an hour to get to work and of course climb the same, 6 hours later, having done a days work.

¬†From a lovely sunny start, the stormy weather moves in quickly. The sea and skies are constantly changing. I must admit I quite enjoy a good storm – provided I’m safe and can get dry when I need to!

Storm from the studio

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