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The Tinner’s Coast – Contrasts

The area is one of huge contrasts. Dark mines that haven’t seen natural light and the big skies and sea scapes above. Exposed granite cliffs – windswept and rugged, drop down into lush, sheltered valleys where sounds change with each drop in depth, bird song fills the air and chattering streams run to the sea. The romance and promise of the mineral wealth and the mines compared with the harsh realities of the graft and danger involved in working underground. The peace of the environment compared to how it must had been when the mining was in full swing. Textures and colours contrast – red mud from the mines and the blue / green of the sea and the copper minerals deposited on the rocks of the cliffs. Lonlienss compared to the sense of community and identity that the mining gave.

Kerensa Surf pendants – silver and Cornish tin
 Wire Wave
I’ve had this idea for a while, so it’s lovely to finally have time to experiment losartan online. After a week’s wave watching I feel ok about creating the shape out of wire. I am pleased with the result – I had hoped for a kind of three dimensional drawing, and when lit from one side, a further accent is added, as the wire is either in shadow or reflects the light. I like the idea that this carries the theme of contrasts -light and dark – definitely something I will pursue in Cornish tin.

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