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The Tinner’s Coast – Shapes, Forms, Landscape and Atmosphere

Walk to Porthledden

I take a short walk over the Cape to Porthledden – ancient mines like dark caves in the cliffs. It has a feeling of remoteness.

The walled hedges are full of wild flowers. On the crest of the hill is the protected ruin of St Helen’s Oratory – today it is deserted and wind-swept. Large clouds bubble up over the Cape. Textures – grain, rough and ragged. Spiky grass and a feeling the time has stood still.

I love the way the sea and weather have created this rust and erosion. The colour and texture are amazing.

I’m being watched! This scene reminds me of Southern Ireland.

The Brisons. Pencil sketch

Boats in Priests Cove

Kayak on calm seas. Pencil.

It is a sunny day and at low tide I sit in Priests cove sketching the rocks and their shadows. In places the rocks twist and fold – the tin and copper lodes (veins) are clear to see. There were several mines here – eventually amalgamated. Their workings run out under the sea and mine buildings would have once filled the cove. I’m staying in a building on the site of the boiler house for Cape Cornwall mine – most of the other buildings (apart form the Count House and stack right at the top of the Cape) have gone.

Shapes and shadows in the rocks. Pencil.

The Brisons from the beach. Pencil



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