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Erica’s Crane Dance necklace, made of precious gemstones and recycled silver, got off to a flying start this summer.

Firstly, Erica was delighted to have the Crane Dance necklace selected to be in the finals of the Wildlife Artist of the Year 2014. The competition was open to artists world-wide and Erica had two pieces in the finals in London. The Crane Dance necklace, which was selected for the ‘Wildlife in 3D’ category, plus ‘Choughs above Morvah’ watercolour painting. Both pieces were exhibited in the Mall Galleries in London.


In addition to this Erica’s good friend, artist and sculptor Ian Marlow ARBS was inspired by the necklace to write his poem ‘The Dance’: 


The Dance

I leaned my back against the willow tree,

And through the swaying curtain of its leaves,

I watched them as they moved upon the water’s edge.

Their snow white plumage sparkled in the waves,

As if a thousand cameras flashed to catch the magic of

The show – and yet, I knew that no one watched but me.

And there I stayed, unable yet to move or take my eyes

Beyond the stage on which they played.

They, like perfect actors, saw no audience there;

Performed for no one but themselves, while I saw

Nothing but their dance. Nor did I hear the sounds

That must have touched my ears: the wind among

The leaves, the lapping of the water on the shore,

It was as if my soul had heard their call and fled

To join them there. And so it was.

There I was, white-feathered on the stage,

My wings outstretched, I danced.

My body rising in the air above the white-splashed floor

On which we stepped. On which we swayed.

On which we swept our heads, and bowed, and leapt,

And spun around, and hopped and bopped, and

Pranced and danced to ancient primal rhythms –

Heartbeats of the Earth – that echo from the dawn of time.

And every single flash of white upon the water’s edge

Became a paper square that folded to the image of a bird.

And soon a thousand paper cranes took to the air,

And as I watched them fly away I made a wish:

A wish that humankind might once again return

To dance unto the rhythm of the earth.

Ian Marlow 2014

Due to its popularity so far this summer, Erica will be reproducing the Crane Dance necklace for sale at her gallery in Wedmore and designing earrings, also in recycled silver, to match the necklace. 

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