In 1989, a finely-wrought copper Saxon ring was unearthed in the village of Wedmore, in Somerset. While the ring’s origins are a mystery, we do know that Wedmore was a site of special significance to King Alfred.

No other item of Saxon jewellery has ever been found there. All we know is that it was the custom of Saxon kings to reward their beloved companions with such a ring.

Over a thousand years later, Erica recreated the ring in the same way as the original, using two pieces of wire. An intricate, elegant piece to treasure for generations.

Each of these rings, which bears its own number and unique Wedmore seal stamped on the inside, is handmade to order.

Silver £165
9ct Fairtrade Yellow or Rose Gold £555
9ct Fairtrade Gold 2 colours (Rose & White/ Yellow & White) £640
18ct Fairtrade Yellow, Rose or White Gold £765
18ct Fairtrade Gold 2 colours(Rose & White/ Yellow & White) £880
Platinum £1490