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Coastal paths, autumnal berries and cherry blossom are all contributors to the inspiration behind Erica’s collection of beaded necklaces. Through experimenting with a palette of colours and textures, as well as the different levels of translucency in the stones, Erica designed and created the necklaces below. Each necklace is handmade in precious gemstones and sterling silver. 

Salwag ,amazonite, apatite, cultured fresh water pearls, handmade silver contour beads, petrified wood

Dyed cultured freshwater pearls, nephrite jade, handmade silver contour beads, lemon quartz, tourmaline.

Dyed cultured freshwater pearls, opal, aquamarine, handmade silver contour beads.

Dyed cultured freshwater pearls, aquamarine, kyanite, peridot.

Peridot, handmade silver contour beads, cultured freshwater pearls, amazonite, amethyst.

Cultured freshwater pearls, opal, peridot, handmade silver contour beads, tourmaline.

The handmade silver contour beads that feature in many of the necklaces were inspired by Erica’s time spent on the Cornish coast. She observed the patterns that the sea made in the sand when the tide has gone out and also the erosion of the rocks. The beads have proven so popular that Erica has been commission to make a number of earrings to match the necklaces, the earrings contain the beads along with precious gemstones and pearls.

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