A carefully planned space to create

Hand-crafting such high quality jewellery requires meticulous attention to detail,  construction and finish. Thanks to her  traditional training at the bench from master craftsmen, Erica has mastered techniques, first-hand from some of the best in the business.  These days, this kind of apprenticeship is scarce. Working daily as a designer and craftsperson with these skills requires a special, dedicated  environment – A space to create.

My favourite tools are like old friends and I rely on them and the familiarity I have in how they work. Tools become a natural extension of my hands.

Erica’s secure workshop is fully equipped with a wide range of specialist materials and tools that enable her to develop designs fully and work on the wide variety of techniques involved in hand-crafting jewellery. The workshop was carefully planned and constructed for efficiency.

Erica’s designs are hand-drawn and painted, to scale, rather than computerised. She also sculpts, paints and draws to capture the essence of her subject, which can often lead to the final piece of jewellery, or become the background, upon which, it is displayed.Thanks to her high level of ability and total familiarlty with materials and techniques,  Erica can also create jewellery spontaneously, allowing an unusual level of freedom of expression.

Throughout her career, Erica has gathered a wide range of specialist equipment. Some tools are hundreds of years old, and many of the traditional hand tools in her collection are no longer made. Because some of the techniques she uses are so specialised, she has designed, crafted and adapted many of her own tools for specific jobs. A toolmaking masterclass has helped broaden her skills in this.

Erica’s workshop also extends beyond her workspace. She regularly gives master classes in specialist techniques and practical demonstrations of her work across the UK. Providing education is very important to her, particularly of skills in danger of dying out.