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As a special anniversary present, Erica was commissioned to make a pendant by a husband for his wife. The focal point of the pendant was to be a stunning dark blue sapphire that was to match a pair of earrings previously bought by the couple, which happened to be a pair of blue studs from her Stella collection.

The Stella stud earrings

Design Ideas

The designs ranged from simple drop pendants with a central sapphire to more intricate Stella-esque patterns with the sapphire flowers and leaves of tsavourite garnet. 

The chosen design

The design that was chosen is a play on the Double Flower pendant that features in Erica’s Stella collection, however instead of creating the pendant with two flowers at either end of the gold scroll, this design replaces the second flower with the focal sapphire. 

The finished pendant

The finished pendant was created with Fairtrade 18 carat gold, it contains light and dark blue sapphires that make up the flowers, tsavourite garnets for the green leaves plus the large dark blue sapphire. It was a very well received and wonderfully appreciated anniversary gift.  

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